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CERN: Antimatter Teaching Module - Apr 15, 2014

Comprehensive set of materials for teaching about antimatter in a high school physics course.

NanoSense: Clear Sunscreen - How Light Interacts with Matter - Apr 15, 2014

Classroom investigation for high school physics or chemistry: focuses on light absorption/scattering and ultraviolet light. Can be adapted as a 3-day mini-unit of a longer two-week Project Based Learning activity.

Cultural Astronomy -- Bringing the Heavens to Earth - Apr 15, 2014

This cross-curricular module from the Adler Planetarium explores astronomy from the cultural context of past societies and their observations of the heavens.

Teach Engineering: Energy of Motion - Feb 1, 2014

Multi-day unit for middle school explores kinetic and potential energy through waterwheels, roller coasters, bouncing balls, and a pendulum.

PBS Learning Media: Investigating Kinetic and Potential Energy - Feb 1, 2014

This multi-day module engages multiple sensory paths and learning styles through video, interactive simulation, animations, hands-on activities, and computational reasoning exercises. Developed for use in middle school.

TeachEngineering: Using Spectral Data to Explore Saturn - Feb 1, 2014

Using authentic data from the Cassini mission, students compare the chemical composition of Earth, Saturn, and Titan. Package includes lesson, worksheet with answer key, Power Point warm-up, and Flash interactive activity.

TryEngineering: Interactive Gumball Machine - Feb 1, 2014

Kids explore kinetic and potential energy as they work on engineering design teams to build the best gumball slide. For grades 7-9.

PhET Teacher Activities: My Solar System-Gravity Lab - Jan 27, 2014

This lesson gives kids explicit guidance in using the PhET simulation My Solar System to investigate factors that influence gravity.

NEED Project: Energy of Moving Water - Nov 9, 2013

13 complete lessons for teaching about hydropower and conversion of moving water to electrical energy.

Physics Teaching Technology Resource: Learning Cycles on Motion - Nov 9, 2013

This learning cycle features 19 videotaped experiments, organized sequentially for introducing fundamentals of motion in introductory physics courses. Each video includes learning goal, prior information needed to understand the material, and elicitation questions. Topics include constant velocity, constant acceleration, falling objects, projectiles, and the physics of juggling.

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