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PhysTEC Graduates (Years funded 2010-2013)
BaselineProject Funded
Year -2 Year -1 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
0 2 1 2 1 0

* Must meet the definition of PhysTEC Secondary Graduate.

** This is a subset of the graduates from all programs, and may be the same.


Definition of PhysTEC Secondary Graduate: Any student who has graduated from a PhysTEC Institution and

(a) has a major or minor in physics, OR (b) has completed coursework equivalent to a major or minor in physics


(a) has certification to teach high-school physics, OR (b) has completed a teacher education program.

Commentary on PhysTEC Graduates data:

There are three pathways for graduates with certification in Science with physics designations. One student pursued the undergraduate option in Physics - Secondary Education and received certification in 2009. Two students had obtained bachelors degrees in physics from other undergraduate institutions and then attended CSU to pursue science certification. The received certification in 2008. Between 2009 and 2011 we had three students pursue a Masters of Arts in Teaching from CSU with a Physics concentration and certification in science. These students received certification in 2009, 2011, and 2012. One of the three students did her undergraduate work in physics at CSU.

Future Physics Teachers
Year -2 2007/08 Year -1 2008/09 Year 0 2009/10 Year 1 2010/11 Year 2 2011/12 Year 3 2012/13
7 8 8 6 5 6

* This number should match the number of names entered on the Future Teachers tab in the teacher tracking spreadsheet.

** This is a subset of the future teachers from all programs, and may be the same.


Definition of PhysTEC Future Teacher : A student at a PhysTEC Institution who has committed to completing a program of physics teacher education and who has completed the introductory physics sequence.

Definition of a Future Teacher at Chicago State: (1) A student at CSU who is completing the undergraduate secondary education track in Physics, OR (2) A student with a bachelors degree who is either (a) completing the requirements for certification only or (b) completing the requirements for a Master of Arts in Teaching with a physics designation.

*** Number of future teachers from pathways with active recruiting by PhysTEC are determined from CSU Undergraduate University Institutional Research Data and reflect the number of students who declared the secondary physics option as their undergraduate major. These numbers are reflected in our annual report as well.

Commentary on Future Teachers data (2012 to 2013):

There are currently four undergraduate students in the Physics - Secondary Education Track at Chicago State University. The PhysTEC Program focuses on active recruitment at the undergraduate level. Students graduating in this option will obtain a physics BS degree, and a science certification with a designation in physics. Two future teachers, already have bachelor's degrees, and are pursuing science certification. Certification for all of these students is expected by 2015. All future teachers will meet or exceed the requirements of a physics minor.


Learning Assistants in Physics Courses
Year -2 2007/08 Year -1 2008/09 Year 0 2009/10 Year 1 2010/11 Year 2 2011/12 Year 3 2012/13
0 0 0 3 8 5

PhysTEC Learning Assistant: Any PhysTEC student who facilitates learning in an undergraduate physics course, receives formal pedagogical instruction, and is encouraged to enter a teacher preparation program.

Commentary on Learning Assistant data:

In 2010-2011 we had three LAs, each of whom worked in either the CSU Introductory Physics Class (Phys I) or the Physics and Everyday Thinking (PET) Class. In 2011-2012 six of the eight students worked in the Phys I or PET class at CSU and two of the eight students worked at the City Colleges of Chicago. In 2012-2013 each student who was a learning assistant worked in the Spring 2013 Introductory Physics course. One LA worked at CSU, two LA's worked at Olive Harvey, one LA worked at Harold Washington, and one LA worked at Malcolm X College.

 PhysTEC Mentors
Year 1 2010/11 Year 2 2011/12 Year 3 2012/13
PhysTEC Mentors (current and prior TIRs) 0    
Mentored PhysTEC Graduates 0    
Mentored non-PhysTEC Teachers 0    

Definition of PhysTEC Mentor : Any PhysTEC TIR who mentors a practicing K-12 teacher or pre-service teacher. (Mentors are counted each year, so after their first year of mentoring, they are recounted if they mentor in the next year.)

Commentary on Mentors data:

Chicago State University does not have TIR's as part of the PhysTEC project. Rita Kozarski, former Chemistry Teacher from Chicago Public Schools is currently funded by CSU to work with our pre-service teachers in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Course NamePhysTEC Course Enrollments (# of students enrolled)
Year -2 2007/08 Year -1 2008/09 Year 0 2009/10 Year 1 2010/11 Year 2 2011/12 Year 3 2012/13
PHYS 3500 0 0 0 3 5 6

Definition of PhysTEC Course : Any physics, physical science, or education course that has been revised or created at a PhysTEC Institution for the PhysTEC program.

Commentary on Enrollment data:

CSU has created a new Teacher Immersion Institute Course for new

PhysTEC Fellows. The course employs two Chicago Area Teachers as co-instructors and has enrolled between three and six students. Only PhysTEC Fellows at CSU are required to take the course.