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TIR'S and Teacher Preparation: The What, When, Why and How! Documents

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TIR'S and Teacher Preparation: The What, When, Why and How! 

written by David Buck-Moyer and Nancy Stauch

The need to recruit, train, and retain well-prepared science teachers has never been higher. This presentation explores how a Teacher in Residence (TIR) program can enhance and improve a teacher education program. TIR's are experienced local science teachers, brought on to a university campus to address teacher preparation. The presentation covers the roles TIRs can play in; methods courses, supervision of student teachers, liaison with the college of education and local schools, formation and guidance of a teacher advisory group, and the development of innovative courses to draw in new science teachers. Finally the prentations examines how a program like this can work at particular schools and how programs can be sustained at the university level.

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Published March 20, 2007
Last Modified March 24, 2007

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