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Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences Conference - Jan 24, 2014

The AAPT is hosting a conference on physics courses for life science majors March 14 - 16 in Arlington VA. Experts from both physics and biology will meet to discuss new developments and future goals for these courses.

AAPT Winter Meeting, 2014 - Oct 23, 2013

Join the AAPT at the 2014 Winter Meeting in Orlando FL, January 4 - 7, to explore "The Magic of Physics". Early bird registration ends November 5.

Colorado Learning Assistant Workshop - Sep 13, 2013

The fifth workshop on the University of Colorado's Learning Assistant program will be held October 27-29 in Boulder Colorado. This peer teaching experience improves students' learning and attitudes toward science.

MPTL 18 - Jul 1, 2013

The 18th Multimedia for Physics Teaching and Learning workshop will be held in Madrid Spain September 11 - 13. This meeting considers a wide range of uses of technology for physics education.

AAPT Summer Meeting, 2013 - Jun 1, 2013

The AAPT Summer Meeting will be in Portland Oregon, July 13 - 17, where we will be "Going Green".

Mechanics Online - May 20, 2013

Registration is open for a free online course in Introductory Newtonian Mechanics designed to help physics teachers improve both their conceptual overview and problem-solving skills.

2013 Modeling Workshops - Mar 20, 2013

Interested in modeling instruction? Browse the workshops available over the summer of 2013.

AAPT High School Photo Contest - 2013 - Mar 18, 2013

High school students are encouraged to combine creativity and physics knowledge in the 2013 photo contest. Entries due May 15.

AAPT Summer Meeting - 2013 - Mar 18, 2013

Join the AAPT for the summer meeting in Portland Oregon, July 13 - 17, with the theme "Going Green with Portland".

Distance Education and Oline Learning in Physics Workshop - Mar 18, 2013

This workshop will provide participants a chance to discuss the opportunities and implications of distance education and online learning for the physics community.

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