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Joining Us


  • Joining Us

Physics education research (PER) is a field of growing importance to physics departments across the United States. Government funding agencies, private corporations, and private foundations have given financial support to support PER. Training in PER lends itself to a variety of career goals, including:

  • research and teaching at the university level
  • teaching at the primary and secondary level
  • consulting
  • software development
  • museum education

The UMaine PERL seeks:

Ph.D. candidates:

  • receive a physics doctorate while specializing in physics
    education research
  • financial support is available

M.S. candidates:

  • receive a Masters of Science while specializing in the application
    of physics education research to teaching.
  • financial support is available

Undergraduates in physics or education:

  • volunteer in a classroom that uses modern teaching methods
  • participate in seminars on physics education research


  • visit the University of Maine to work with the research laboratory
  • implement and test research-based curricula at your school

High school teachers:

  • implement and develop research-based teaching materials that
    best match your classes and students
  • carry out continued research in our M.S. program

In addition, we are interested in working with students, teachers, and faculty who are not specifically addressed above.

For more information, please contact John Thompson or Michael Wittmann.