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University of Colorado, Boulder (PER@C)

Program Picture

University of Colorado, Boulder (PER@C) Image


  • Baily, Charles
  • Finkelstein, Noah
  • Goldhaber, Steve
  • Lewandowski, Heather
  • Otero, Valerie
  • Pollock, Steven
  • Spike, Benjamin
  • Suarez, Enrique
  • Van Dusen, Ben

The Physics Education Research Group at Colorado (PER@C) is one of the largest research programs in PER in the nation. Our research group develops and studies: uses of technology in physics education, assessments (conceptual, epistemological, and belief oriented), theoretical models of students learning physics, social and contextual foundations of student learning, examination of successful educational reforms and replication studies of such reforms, and student problem-solving in physics. We sponsor a number of educational reforms in physics, which range from pre-college to post-doctoral. The research group includes faculty, staff, and students from both the Department of Physics and the School of Education.