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PER Leadership and Organizing Council (PERLOC)

The Physics Education Research Leadership and Organizing Council, PERLOC, has general charge of the affairs of the Topical Group.

PERLOC consists of seven elected members (including one graduate student) and the Chair (or Vice Chair) of the RiPE Committee ex officio.  Unlike the Area Committees in AAPT, PERLOC is elected from within PERTG, rather than appointed by the AAPT Nominating Committee and President-Elect.

Current members, terms, and duties (if specified)

MacKenzie Stetzer, University of Maine; 2012-2015; Chair
Steve Kanim, New Mexico State University; 2014-2017; Vice Chair
Stamatis Vokos, Seattle Pacific University; 2013-2016; Treasurer
Leslie Atkins, California State University, Chico; 2013-2016
Mel Sabella, Chicago State University; 2014-2017
Eleanor Sayre, Kansas State University; 2013-2015
Benjamin Van Dusen, University of Colorado; 2013-2015
Hunter Close, Texas State University, San Marcos; 2013-2015; ex officio, as Chair of the AAPT Committee on Research in Physics Education

PERTG Bylaws

Bylaws for the Physics Education Research Topical Group have been accepted by the members of the topical group in an election that ended on Nov 3, 2009.

PERTG Strategic Plan

A strategic plan (Mission, Vision, Values, and Objectives) for the Physics Education Research Topical Group has been created.  PERLOC welcomes comments from the members of the topical group.

Former Members of PERLOC

A list of the former members of PERLOC can be found here.