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Effectiveness of Abridged Interactive Lecture Demonstrations Documents

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Effectiveness of Abridged Interactive Lecture Demonstrations 

written by Timothy French and Karen Cummings

An experiment designed to investigate an abridged Interactive Lecture Demonstration (ILD)[1] protocol was performed in the Studio Physics I course[2] at Rensselaer Poly-technic Institute (RPI) during the spring of 2002.  Approximately 300 students in several different sections of the course were divided into two groups.  Both groups witnessed an entire Newton's Third Law ILD series.  However, one group was asked for only a predic-tion before viewing each demonstration.  The other group was prompted to engage in all eight steps of the suggested ILD procedure.  A detailed discussion of the experiment, learning gains for the two groups as measured with the Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation (FMCE), and implications for instruction are presented.

Published August 7, 2002
Last Modified March 19, 2009

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