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Development and Evaluation of a Large-Enrollment, Active-Learning Physics Curriculum Documents

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Development and Evaluation of a Large-Enrollment, Active-Learning Physics Curriculum 

written by Edward Price, Fred Goldberg, Stephen J. Robinson, Danielle Harlow, Michael McKean, Steven Keene, and Kornel Czarnocki

We report on the development and evaluation of Learning Physics (LEP), a new curriculum adapted from Physics and Everyday Thinking (PET). PET is an inquiry-based, hands-on, conceptual physics curriculum that was developed for small enrollment discussion/lab settings. The Learning Physics (LEP) curriculum maintains the same research-based learning principles as PET but is suitable for classes taught in a larger lecture hall setting. LEP incorporates both videos of experiments and hands-on activities that students can perform on small desks typical of lecture settings. LEP also incorporates assignments where students submit written work and evaluate each other using a web-based system. This paper describes the curriculum, and presents LEP students' content performance and views about science. Outcomes are compared to students in courses using PET.

Published February 1, 2014
Last Modified February 1, 2014

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