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Examination of Students’ Self-monitoring in Problem Solving Documents

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Examination of Students’ Self-monitoring in Problem Solving 

written by Jeffery A. Phillips, Kevin A. Osorno, and Jared R. Fier

For solving problems, especially ill-structured ones, a solver must employ metacognitive strategies including self-monitoring to be successful. Solvers who frequently examine their thinking are able to assess their progress, consider alternatives and evaluate their own work. In an introductory mechanics course, students were given class assignments where they were asked to record problem solutions using a think-aloud protocol. These solutions were recorded using Livescribe smartpens, which record and synchronize pen strokes and audio. To better understand the self-monitoring process, as well as improve future versions of the class activities, we examined the recorded think alouds after the courses and thus far have identified three categories of self-monitoring.

Published February 1, 2014
Last Modified February 1, 2014

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