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Teaching to Learn: iPads as Tools for Transforming Physics Student Roles Documents

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Teaching to Learn: iPads as Tools for Transforming Physics Student Roles 

written by Susan Nicholson-Dykstra, Ben Van Dusen, and Valerie K. Otero

Students who serve as Learning Assistants (LAs) and have the opportunity to teach the content they are learning, while also studying effective teaching pedagogy, have demonstrated achievement gains in advanced content courses and positive shifts in attitudes about learning science [V. Otero, S. Pollock & N. Finkelstein, Amer J Physics 78, 11 (2010)]. Although the LA experience is also valuable for high school students, the tight schedule and credit requirements of advanced high school students limit opportunities for implementing traditional LA programs at the high school level. In order to provide high school physics students with an LA-like experience, iPads were used as tools for students to synthesize "screencast" video tutorials for students to access, review and evaluate. The iPads were utilized in a 1:1 tablet:student environment throughout the course of an entire school year. This research investigates the impact of a 1:1 iPad environment and the use of iPads to create "teaching-to-learn" (TtL) experiences on student agency and attitudes toward learning science. Project funded by NSF grant # DUE 934921.

Published February 1, 2014
Last Modified February 1, 2014

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