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Cogenerative Physics Reform Through CMPLE Documents

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Cogenerative Physics Reform Through CMPLE 

written by Natan Samuels, Eric Brewe, and Laird H. Kramer

We describe a physics teacher's successful pedagogical changes, which were based on the teacher's attempts to match the physics learning environment with her students' learning preferences. The pedagogical changes were observed during the teacher's implementation of the Cogenerative Mediation Process for Learning Environments (CMPLE). CMPLE is a formative intervention designed to help students and instructors collaborate to improve their classroom environment through a combination of cogenerative dialogues and time allotted to work towards their collective goals. The teacher's change in pedagogy resulted from her students' involvement in reforming their classroom. For this instrumental case study, we examined a veteran high school teacher's semester-long use of CMPLE in her Modeling Instruction classroom. Analysis of classroom videos and teacher interviews indicates that the teacher used CMPLE to adapt her pedagogy in complex ways, in order to balance her past experience and teaching values with her students' desires to be taught in ways seemingly counter to her then-current methods. We will trace her teaching practices and her self-described awareness of her students' prior experiences, to highlight notable changes concerning a particular cogenerative goal.

Published February 1, 2014
Last Modified January 31, 2014

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