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Assessing Student Learning in Middle-Division Classical Mechanics/Math Methods Documents

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Assessing Student Learning in Middle-Division Classical Mechanics/Math Methods 

written by Marcos D. Caballero and Steven J. Pollock

Reliable and validated assessments of introductory physics have been instrumental in driving curricular and pedagogical reforms that lead to improved student learning. As part of an effort to systematically improve our sophomore-level Classical Mechanics and Math Methods course (CM 1) at CU Boulder, we are developing a tool to assess student learning of CM 1 concepts in the upper-division. The Colorado Classical Mechanics/Math Methods Instrument (CCMI) builds on faculty-consensus learning goals and systematic observations of student difficulties. The result is a 9-question open-ended post-test that probes student learning in the first half of a two-semester classical mechanics / math methods sequence. In this paper, we describe the design and development of this instrument, its validation, and measurements made in classes at CU Boulder.

Published February 1, 2014
Last Modified January 29, 2014

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