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Effect of paper color on students' physics exam performances Documents

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Effect of paper color on students’ physics exam performances 

written by David R. Schmidt, Todd G. Ruskell, and Patrick B. Kohl

Prior work has established the existence of a color-performance relationship in achievement contexts and has demonstrated its presence in some undergraduate course examinations. This study examines the manifestation of such a relationship in an introductory, 430-student, calculus-based electricity and magnetism course during which the paper color used in examinations was varied. In this report, we analyze three separate exams and differentiate between students' multiple choice, written response, conceptual, and computational performances. Also considered are factors such as the time students require to complete exams and their confidence levels prior to and immediately following assessment. Performance in all categories appears to be independent of paper color.

Published January 24, 2013
Last Modified July 1, 2013