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Alignment of TAs' Beliefs with Practice and Student Perception Documents

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Alignment of TAs’ Beliefs with Practice and Student Perception 

written by Jacquelyn J. Chini and Ahlam Al-Rawi

Graduate teaching assistants (TAs) play an important role in introductory physics courses, particularly in large enrollment courses where the TA may be viewed as more approachable and accessible than the lecture instructor. Thus, while TAs may still be in the process of developing their views on teaching physics, their practices directly influence a large number of introductory students. As the first steps in reforming our introductory courses and TA training program, we collected multiple types of data on TAs teaching in traditional algebra-based physics laboratories. Drawing on prior work on TAs' pedagogical knowledge, we explore how the beliefs expressed by TAs in interviews align with their practices during a laboratory video-taped mid-semester. Additionally, we explore how both the TAs' expressed beliefs and practices align with students' responses to an end-of-semester TA evaluation survey.

Published January 24, 2013
Last Modified March 16, 2013