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Rotational and Rolling Motion Conceptual Survey Documents

Main Document

Rotational and Rolling Motion Conceptual Survey 

written by Chandralekha Singh and Lorenzo G. Rimoldini

This 30-question research-based multiple-choice test is designed to evaluate students' conceptual understanding of rotational and rolling motion.

The survey is based on investigations of students' difficulties in introductory- and junior-level physics courses and should be given in a 50-minute period. Statistical results have shown the survey to be reliable and valid. A summary of the construction and analysis of the survey is available in Student understanding of rotational and rolling motion, Phys. Rev ST-PER 1 (1), 010102 (2005).

This assessment is free for use by instructors in their classroom. However, as it takes years of development effort to create and validate reliable assessment instruments, the file is password-protected. Furthermore, the author requests that 1. students are not given copies following examination; and 2. none of the questions are incorporated into web-based question delivery systems without adequate security to prevent printing or unauthorized access by students.

To obtain the password, please send a request with your name, email, institution, and a link to a page at your institution that confirms you are an instructor.

Last Modified May 2, 2012