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TA-designed vs. research-oriented problem solutions Documents

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TA-designed vs. research-oriented problem solutions 

written by Shih-Yin Lin, Chandralekha Singh, William Mamudi, Charles R. Henderson, and Edit Yerushalmi

In order to study graduate teaching assistants (TAs) beliefs and values about the design of instructor problem solutions, twenty-four TAs were provided with different solutions and asked to discuss their preferences for prominent solution features. TAs preferences for solution features were examined in light of the modeling of expert-like problem solving process as recommended in the literature. Results suggest that while many of the features TAs valued align with expert-like problem solving approaches, they noticed primarily "surface features" of solutions. Moreover, self-reported preferences did not match well with the solutions TAs wrote on their own.

Published February 6, 2012
Last Modified April 25, 2012

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