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nTIPERs: Tasks to Help Students “Unpack” Aspects of Newtonian Mechanics Documents

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nTIPERs: Tasks to Help Students “Unpack” Aspects of Newtonian Mechanics 

written by David Maloney, Curtis J. Hieggelke, and Stephen E. Kanim

nTIPERs (Newtonian Tasks Inspired by Physics Education Research), are tasks intended to strengthen students' conceptual understanding of topics in introductory mechanics. These tasks can be used individually as in-class assignments, as homework, or as evaluation instruments, and are especially appropriate for incremental adoption by instructors who wish to strengthen the conceptual focus of their introductory courses. We will present examples of several nTIPER tasks related to common student difficulties with different aspects of the concept of force: Force as proportional to velocity; force as a property of an object; and force calculated from mass times acceleration. We will also present ideas for how to use nTIPERs.

Published August 24, 2010
Last Modified October 6, 2010

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