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Two-State Paramagnet Worksheet and Model Documents

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Main Document

Two-State Paramagnet Worksheet and Model 

written by Spencer Wheaton

A worksheet  that uses the two-state paramagnet model to investigate the fundamental ideas of Statistical and Thermal Physics.  This model considers N non-interacting magnetic dipoles, with dipole moment mu in an external magnetic field of strength B. Each dipole can point either in the direction of the magnetic field, or in the opposite direction (i.e. the dipoles are "two-state"). A dipole pointing in the direction of the magnetic field has less energy than one pointing in the opposite direction, since it requires energy to flip a dipole from being aligned with the field to being anti-aligned.

Published May 24, 2013
Last Modified June 13, 2014

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Supplemental Documents (3)

Two-State Paramagnet Worksheet 

The Two-State Paramagnet student worksheet.

This file is available in multiple formats: .pdf, .docx

Last Modified August 15, 2013

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Two-State Paramagnet Spreadsheet 

A spreadsheet for the Two-State Paramagnet exercise.

Last Modified August 15, 2013

Two-State Paramagnet Completed Spreadsheet 

Spreadsheet with Two-State Paramagnet data.

Last Modified August 15, 2013

Source Code Documents

Two-State Paramagnet Source Code 

This source code zip archive contains an XML representation of the Two-State Paramagnet Model.   Unzip this archive in your Ejs workspace to compile and run this model using Ejs.

Last Modified June 13, 2014

This file has previous versions.

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