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Featured Curriculum Package Archive

Ghostly Images JS Package - Mar 8, 2015

The Ghostly Images Package contains Javascript models and worksheets for 1D kinematics to illustrate the connection between motion diagrams ("ghostly images") and position-time plots. Simulations include constant velocity and constant acceleration. Developed for the Physical Science classroom.

Modeling the History of Astronomy - Oct 10, 2013

A shared file folder that contains software and activities to help students learn about the Ptolemaic, Copernican, and Tychonic models of the solar system and use that knowledge to create models of a fictitious solar system from observations of the night sky.  The Simulations and Activities subfolder contains computer simulations and activity handouts to guide students through observing the night sky.  The Student Projects subfolder contains computer programs that simulate the night sky for 30 fictitious solar systems.  These programs serve as the foundation for a series of students projects.

Physlet Physics (2e) Online - Jul 11, 2013

The second edition to Physlet Physics represents a major change in how the 800 Physlet-based interactive materials are delivered to teachers and students alike. Instead of accessing materials off of the CD that came with the first edition, now users simply access the Physlet Physics 2E from ComPADRE.

Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool - Nov 25, 2011

Tracker Version 4.61 now supports a direct connection to Tracker-based models in the OSP catalog using a DL Browser.  Click on the DL Browser button and download Tracker models directly to your computer.

Tracker 4.61 now uses Xuggle, an open source video engine that greatly expands the number of readable video formats on all platforms (QuickTime is still supported but not required). Xuggle is free but you must install it along with Tracker using the Tracker 4.61 installer, available for Windows , Mac OS X and Linux.

Journal Article Models - Dec 16, 2010

The September 2010 issues of AJP and TPT began a one-year experiment to augment articles with computer simulations from the Open Source Physics Collection.  This shared file folder contains these EJS models.

Introductory Astronomy Models - Mar 20, 2010

A shared file folder of Astronomy models designed for a college-level introductory astronomy course.  This shared folder contains over 50 EJS models and is broken up into three parts: naked-eye astronomy, classical astronomy (optics and orbits), and modern astronomy.

Statistical and Thermal Physics - Mar 3, 2010

Text and simulations for Statistical and Thermal Physics by H. Gould and J. Tobochnik, a text for upper-level undergraduate physics majors.

An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods (EJS Adaptation) - Mar 1, 2010

The Easy Java Simulations adaptation of an An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods by Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, and Wolfgang Christian teaches physics modeling by example. We have chosen EJS for this edition of our book because its dynamic and highly interactive user interface greatly reduces the amount of programming required to implement an idea.

Copernican Revolution - Feb 24, 2010

A shared file folder of Astronomy models designed for a course on the Copernican Revolution.  In this course students explore the history of astronomy from the Ancient Greeks to Isaac Newton.  Astronomical theories are studied in some detail and evaluated based on their success or failure at reproducing astronomical observations.  The EJS simulations in this folder allow students to actively engage with the astronomical theories and visualize the apparent motions predicted by each theory.

Phase Matters Package - Jul 6, 2008

The Phase Matters package is a self-contained file for the teaching of phase and time evolution in quantum mechanics.  The material focuses on when and how, for arbitrary quantum-mechanical states, the phase of the wave function matters.

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