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Students needing assistance - Sep 13 2005 11:16AM
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir Avatar
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir
Students affected by Katrina, please use this discussion thread to post
requests for enrollment, employment, or other assistance. Posts should
include information about current school attended, year in school,
research experience (particularly for graduate students), assistance
needed, and contact information so that potential providers can contact
you directly.
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Re: Students needing assistance - Sep 13 2005 5:04PM
Gary I'm looking for some information about a former physics student from Slidell, Louisiana, named Kristen Russell. Please contact me at gwhite@aip.org if you have heard anything about her. Thanks

Re: Re: Students needing assistance - Sep 19 2005 4:04PM
Anonymous Post
A colleague of Kristen's at Stennis Space Center put her in touch with me, and she is hopding up well; I am grateful for this site!

Re: Students needing assistance - Sep 14 2005 2:15PM
Dr. Daniel K. Marble Tarleton State University (member of the Texas A&M System approximately 60 miles SW of Dallas/Ft. Worth) is presently granting "in-state Tuition status" and accepting displaced students in its Physics and Engineering Physics programs.

The TSU and STate of TExas information for displaced students is at http://www.tarleton.edu/future.html and at

Information about TSU's physics and engineering physics programs are at


TSU also has the ability to provide select undergraduate and graduate physics courses remotely through closed circuit televison via the Texas Electronic Coalition for Physics.


Dr. Daniel K. Marble
Department of Mathematics, PHysics and Engineering
Tarleton STate University
Stephenville, Texas, 76402

Re: Students needing assistance - Sep 15 2005 9:22AM
Anonymous Post
High school seniors need your help. We are trying to open a branch campus of the Mississippi public residential high school for math and science, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS): http://www.msms.k12.ms.us/index.html . It would be open to seniors who were in AP-type classes before Katrina and whose schools have been severely affected by this storm.

These students would be dual-enrolled in high school classes and at Mississippi State University (MSU). This would allow them to have laboratory sciences during their senior high school year. Approval from the Director of MSMS, the Provost's office at MSU, and the MS Dept. of Education has been obtained.

Financial help: contribute to the Larry Croft scholarship fund at MSU, http://www.msufoundation.com/giving/outright (College of Arts and Sciences).

Other help: volunteer administrators, teachers (sciences, mathematics, english, history, foreign languages, etc), or others (dorm RAs, cooks, bus drivers, physical education, physicial plant, etc). Please e-mail Prof. Mark Novotny, man40@ra.msstate.edu (office 662-325-2688, cell 662-418-2688).

We are looking to serve in a residential setting hundreds of affected high school seniors for the remainder of the school year.

Re: Re: Students needing assistance - Oct 04 2005 10:37PM
Anonymous Post
Update: This initiative failed due to lack of monies and adequate volunteers. However, see the post on the 'Assistance for Students' web site about Mississippi State University being able to (most likely) allow significant dual-enrollment for high school seniors from the affected coastal areas.

Re: Students needing assistance - Sep 19 2005 4:01PM
Anonymous Post
a message form a colleague in Louisisana---
Here's something you could to that would be helpful. I'm trying to contact physics undergrads from Tulane for Wayne Reed (physcs, Tulane - he's in MA now) so help them get back on track as quickly as possible. If you know of any physics undergraduates from Tulane, reply to gwhite@aip.org and I'll get the message to Professor Reed

Re: Re: Students needing assistance - Sep 25 2005 9:07PM
Anonymous Post

I wanted to know LOUIS REED,who met and visited zoo,and capital with me in Denver,Colorado in 1994,lived at:
McDonald St.Minden ,La.71055 and also at wallace cr.,Vidalia,La.71373 is o.k and need some help or place to stay in San diego,California.I saw name of professor Reed and thought he might be related.To contact:Dr.Ameen(619-698-4098)after 9:0 p.m.or before 11:0 a.m.

Re: Students needing assistance - Sep 21 2005 10:33AM
Anonymous Post
Name: Obioma Odionyenma
School: Xavier University of Louisiana
Classification: Senior
Major: Philosophy and Physics
Anticipated Year of Graduation: 05/2006
Assistance Needed: Internship
Contact information: obioma_o@hotmail.com, (301)773-9598, (504)908-3071

Re: Students needing assistance - Nov 23 2005 10:22PM
jfdunphy Clifton
For those looking for a free checklist of things to do to file claims on insurance, financial items, etc., you can go to the archives of VoiceAmerica.com, and on the show Poor Richard's Shoebox there are a couple of interviews with expert Ann-Marie Toliver, esp. 10-17-2005 and 1-17-05, based on experience in Florida with the four bad hurricanes in 2004, and of course Katrina, etc. this year. Shows are one-hour long, and downloadable for free.


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